Kodit.io uses machine learning to give home owners wishing to sell their properties a cash offer within 24 hours. That means you can quickly and easily sell your home without the hassle of enlisting a real estate agent and preparing the home for viewings, and without the inconvenience of matching moving out dates with others.

Kodit.io launched in December 2017 and it has quickly become the leading iBuyer (instant home buyer) startup in Europe. In August Kodit.io announced funding from Speedinvest, Schibsted Media Group, and Icebreaker.vc and is now actively expanding in Europe.

Mike DelPrete is the latest addition to the company’s team of experts supporting its fast expansion. Mike is internationally recognized as an expert and thought-leader in real estate tech, and is a scholar-in-residence at the University of Colorado Boulder. As a Strategic Advisor he is actively helping the company to drive the development of the market leading instant home buyer service in Europe.

"I’m thrilled to be working with Kalle and the entire Kodit.io team. I’ve spent years looking at the global proptech space and studying the models that are changing the way people buy and sell houses. The new iBuyer business model is one of the few that’s gaining real traction in the U.S. Kodit.io is taking that concept and successfully applying it to the European market, with great traction.

Kodit.io has a great combination of an energetic team and a winning formula focused on the consumer. I love what the team has been able to accomplish so far and am looking forward to helping them expand across Europe"

Mike DelPrete

"After more than 180 customers this year I am super excited to have Mike helping us to strengthen our position as the leading iBuyer in Europe. I believe that we have a lot to learn from the new models in the US housing market and from the iBuyers specifically. There is no better person than Mike to provide us direct access to market insights, high-quality analysis and advice"

Kalle Salmi, Kodit.io CEO

Additional information:
Kalle Salmi
CEO & Founder, Kodit.io
+358 50 573 5229

Kodit.io (Homerun Technologies Oy) is the leading instant home buyer in Europe. Established in Helsinki in 2017 by serial entrepreneur Kalle Salmi, real estate professional Martti Suomela, and PhD (AI) Nico Rotstein. The company develops the most advanced real estate data platform utilizing cutting-edge artificial intelligence solutions. Kodit.io aims to solve most of the challenges and inconveniences of selling and buying homes by providing a streamlined instant buying service. Sellers get quick cash offer of their home. They can accept the offer as a direct sale or as a flexible guaranteed sale, which allows the sellers to wait for higher competing offers on the market for another 8 weeks.

Mike DelPrete has spent his career building, investing in, and growing new businesses. He’s a former tech entrepreneur, CEO, strategy director, and head of corporate development with broad expertise in online real estate tech. Mike is internationally recognized as an expert and thought-leader in real estate tech and is a scholar-in-residence at the University of Colorado Boulder. His evidence-based analysis is widely read by global leaders, and he is a sought-after strategy and new ventures consultant.

Mike’s blog, “Adventures in Real Estate Tech”: http://www.mikedp.com