Your journey to home ownership starts with Rive Pay

Rent your dream home for a year while we help you save for a down payment. With Rive Pay, you can become a home owner without years of saving.

Move in now, pay later

Buy a home without using all of your savings. Move in and make yourself at home.

Save while you live there

Pay a monthly fee, that covers the rent and contributes to your down payment.

Yours truly

After 12 months, or earlier, you’ll complete the purchase and make the home yours, truly.

An example of a Rive Pay home

Kuntokuja 3, Vantaa

2 rooms · 58 m²

Sales price as of right now

155 000 €

Recommended rent on the market

Approx. 890 €/month

Build your savings for the required down payment

The monthly payment includes two parts: an affordable rent and a built-in down payment, which you accumulate little by little during the following 12 months.

Initial down payment

2 000 €

Monthly payment

974 €/month

Rent part

478 €/month

Down payment part

495 €/month

Purchase the home for the predetermined sales price

Once you’ve built up your savings for the down payment, the amount will be compensated from the sales price and you’ll get a mortgage for your home.

Sales price*

158 860 €

Down payment savings

- 7 943 €

Required mortgage

150 917 €

*In the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, house prices rose by 4,7% in 2020. With Rive Pay, you are fixing the price with a fixed annual increase of approx. 2,49 % even if the increase in the value of the house is significantly higher.