Terms of service

Once you have filled in the form on our website and provided us with the required information about your apartment, we will call you within the next two working days.

Our offer is conditioned to the fact that your property fits our investment requirements: if your flat is adjusted to our investment terms, we will value your apartment and contact you to make our offer.

Once we confirm that your property fits these requirements, or in the case that we need to gather more information about it, we will arrange a visit to your house with you in order to make a more properly fit valuation of it.

At Rive we combine the power of technology with the expertise of our team to help you sell your house at the best price.

Our team of qualified specialists, backed up by artificial intelligence and machine learning, guarantees the efficiency and intelligence of each transaction. We will introduce the data of your property in our system to offer you a more just valuation of it.

We’re on a mission to make buying and selling homes fast, safe and simple.