The right price of the apartment activates the buyers

Pricing the apartment to match the market is important to achieve a successful sale. A correctly priced apartment will sell faster than average and at the best possible price, as it is attractive to the widest possible group of apartment seekers.

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The best possible situation for apartment sellers is when several buyers are interested in the apartment at the same time, and they start bidding against each other. If the asking price of the apartment is too high, many potential buyers will not visit the property because it is out of their budget or the property seems overpriced to them. In this case, the pool of potential buyers is limited to too small and the interest necessary to receive offers cannot be generated.

The setting of the apartment price in relation to other completed apartment transactions is influenced by, for example, condition of the apartment, equipment, location, air direction, floor, room arrangement, housing association renovations, area services and transport connections, options available at the same time.

The first days are the most important

The first impression is always the most important, and this also applies when selling an apartment. Especially in the current housing market, which operates around housing portals, it is not worth experimenting with prices, because most of the likely buyers see the apartment online during the first week. This first week is also the most likely time for a possible bidding competition when several buyers are interested in the apartment at the same time.

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After the first week of sales, significant interest can only be increased by price corrections, which activate the apartment watchers on the portals. However, this measure no longer achieves the initial level of interest.

Source: average destination in the capital region.

The optimal price point for the apartment optimizes the purchase price

If the price of the apartment is set appropriately close to the market price, more interested customers and possible offers for the apartment will be received. It is even possible to organize a tender between several interested parties, which can increase the realized price of the apartment to better than the average market price.

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So how do you know what the appropriate market price is?

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