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We make buying and selling homes simple so you can have the freedom to make your move in the housing market.


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Make your move.

No matter if you are a first-time homeowner, routinized house-switcher, or selling your property without a clear plan, we got you covered. We offer hassle-free solutions for all stages of home-switching by combining leading-edge technology with the local expertise of our team to provide radically different experiences in the housing market.

Our solutions for leveling up your life & property

Cash offer

Instant cash offer for the easiest and quickest sales of your home.


Experienced brokers equipped with smart technology lead to best results.

Rive Reno

Level up your current home or maximize the selling price of your property with our renovation solutions.


Discover your next home from our move-in ready flats styled with a Nordic flair.

Radically different experiences in the housing markets.


Wonderful management in the sale of my house. Always very professional, they know their work perfectly, facilitating things and speeding up the procedures. However, the sales process would have been much longer and more complicated. It has been the best absolutely recommended decision.



I could not have chosen a better team to manage the sale of my apartment. From the beginning, the entire team has been involved in the operation, making it a success.



A modern and solvent real estate. Ease in hiring, agility, professional competence, kindness and excellent treatment, thanks for accompanying me in the sale of my house with so much success.


Three reasons to choose Rive

Show off your home

We make sure your home looks its best in listing portals and reaches more potential buyers with carefully targeted marketing, beautiful ads, and high touch photos.

Dream team at your service

Rive brokers can focus in helping you to make your move, while being supported by our skilled in-house data, renovation and marketing teams.

Tech to make your move

Our proprietary technology supports our people at each step of the way to ensure a smooth move to your next address – from accurate pricing to precisely targeted marketing.

Frequently asked questions

Is it binding to request an offer from Rive?

No, asking for an offer is not binding and completely free of charge. We will contact you to schedule a short visit. During the visit, our certified real estate agent will give you a home valuation and walk you through selling options best matching your needs.

What if my apartment is already listed for sale?

We are happy to buy apartments that are already listed by the owner or with the real estate agent. It is a common practice for many local agencies to start their selling process with us. Make sure that your real estate agent is taking advantage of our cash offer.

How do I know I am getting the right price for the apartment?

Our offer is an estimate of the right price based on real-time market data, extensive data analysis and our agents’ local experience. What affects our offer the most is the condition of the apartment, demand and supply in the area as well as the renovation plans of the housing company.

How does our offer differ from a standard real estate agency?

We are an award-winning technology company that brings transparency to the residential market and remove home buying and selling hassle. Each of our customers gets to benefit from our advanced data tools and the best local expertise of our qualified experts.

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